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June 1, 2020

Dear Friends, 


We are moving into our twelfth week of navigating Covid-19 and the myriad of changes it has brought to many people.  We, as a nation, seem to have moved from "flattening the curve" to "re-opening".  Here in Massachusetts, Governor Baker has deemed Massage Therapy as a Phase II plan, which will be announced further on or around June 8, 2020.  Although we are still uncertain what that all means, I am consciously choosing to hit the pause button a bit longer and wait to reopen. 

I understand this may mean different things for many of you.  Some of you were deemed "essential" and never left the workforce.  While others, such as myself, have had our entire economic balance disrupted.  Some believe there has been an overreaction and others believe we have a second wave coming.  It's hard to know which way to actually turn really. #samestormdifferentboat

So I lean into the only council I know I can follow; my own standard of practice. This is the very thing that allowed me to build Adamsville Healing Arts Center as the health and wellness practice that you have been able to trust and depend on.   The practice that has put you and your wellbeing in front of everything else along the way for 25 years.   


In order to open, I must feel absolutely confident in every aspect of treatment - Be able to secure consistent and appropriate PPE. Make viable renovations to the office space as advised by boards. And know what it is that I am actually looking for in screening.  With all the asymptomatic findings, I am simply not there just yet. I imaging many of you, may not be concerned you'd be a carrier.  I, however,  see many people with lung, heart, or immunocompromised.  I can't risk opening for some of you and jeopardize any other person's wellbeing. Additionally, I have family members who are deemed high-risk, and that weighs as heavily in my decision. 

I promise to continue to update you as I know more.  I will keep you informed to every decision I make.  Whether it is 2 months or 12 months.  You will receive periodical emails, however, my Facebook pages (AHAC and THC) and this page on my website will be the most updated sources.

I understand fully that some of you cannot wait.  There certainly are other therapists that don't practice with the same concerns or information I am using.  By all means, do what you need to keep yourself healthy.  Although I can't suggest another therapist, I would advise you to be sure, whoever you choose, is using updated practice protocol with considerations and safety.  I assure you it is important.  And thank you for trusting me this far. 


If you are interested in any of the sources I am using, here are a few links.  Some of these professionals are ones I have studied under, teamed up with, and leaned into for the past 25 years. I trust them implicitly.

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