“There is a deep longing among people in the West to connect with something bigger — with community and spirit.”

~ Sobonfu Some

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
~ Howard Thurman

Tracy Hawes

About Tracy

Tracy Hawes Coaching

Tracy’s philosophy is a direct reflection of her diverse wealth of knowledge and wisdom, accessed from her own personal life experiences, spiritual transformational, and personal growth journey.

Being the fifth born of 11 children paved the way for Tracy’s passion for understanding the “order of things.” An inquisitive child, she was forever investigating how things worked and fit together in their particular order. She is insatiable in her spiritual excavation and discoveries, only to ask again - What is true? What is the yearning behind the pain? What is your “medicine” and gifts that the world is waiting to receive from us? How is it that we attract whom we attract? Why is it that one person is pulled apart by certain life experiences and another is hardly daunted by them? Why do we behave in ways we know don’t serve us? What does it mean to be awake? On and on …

She holds dear the motto, “We always know.” We always know what we are yearning for, what we are here to do, what our essence and passions are. We have forgotten, having been derailed by the difficulties we have experienced in our lives. Tracy honors her role as a compassionate witness, skilled guide, and loving reflector, as we journey back home to ourselves. She believes we bring unique gifts, or original medicine, into this world, and it is vital to our thriving and to our contribution to the world that we awaken to them.

Tracy is deeply grateful for her own gifts of vision, insight, spiritual union, and willingness, which allow her to go to the necessary depth. She honors her role as a witness and guide as she facilitates people through their healing journey.

About Tracy’s Style:

Tracy Hawes uses an intuitive, nature-based, spiritual approach in her coaching as she mentors you through life transition and healing, into a more fulfilling and satisfyingly holistic way of living.

Whether working with women or mixed groups, (men and women), Tracy embodies the gift of loving compassion as she skillfully guides her clients through their healing journey. Blending her skills as an expressive therapist, integrative bodyworker, nutrition and wellness mentor, as well as a spiritually intuitive facilitator, Tracy helps her clients go beneath the surface level in healing. Tracy utilizes the art of inquiry, non-violent communication, and active listening, which she combines with her spirit-based practices. This allows for clean, clear, and open dialogue – and dialogue is always the starting place. She believes that being heard, appreciated, seen, and compassionately loved is often the missing key to allowing us to unlock our sacred gifts. She helps clients unlock their sacred gifts; and actualize their path, guiding them, from where they are to where they want to be.

Working with Tracy is a dynamic process, in which you are an active participant in your own growth and journey. In collaboration with you, she prepares a unique program that will bring you to the best place for you to soar, aligning your heart, soul, and life with your gifts and passions. Interested in how we empower and live a vibrant and fully engaged life as we journey through the "aging process", Tracy has a variety of special programs that help us go as deeply as we need to reclaim what has been hiding from us, appearing out of reach.

Tracy’s coaching sessions are best over a longer period of time, although she is delighted to take a short walk in exploration with you. She offers a series of packages from 3 months to 12 months. and she works with couples, individuals, and teens. She works with clients either via phone or Digital platforms (Zoom, FaceTime, or phone).

To contact Tracy about her services, please email her at to schedule your initial consultation. Please be sure to put Coaching Inquiry in the subject line.

Training and Experience:

  • MS, Psychology Counseling- ongoing
  • Optimize Coach Training / Ancient Wisdom for modern minds. Optimizing the life you are leading to the one you are meant to lead 2020-2021
  • Wilderness Psychology Training / Using nature as medicine. 2020 - ongoing
  • Enneagram Prison Project - Releasing ourselves from the prison of our own making - CA - 2020 - ongoing
  • Enneagram Institute Teaching Certificate 2021 - 2023
  • Feminine Power Mastery dual focus Visionary Women's Professional Track  2019-2021
  • Positive Psychology - Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph.D. / Harvard University Laurie Santos, Ph.D. Yale 2018
  • Spiritual Finance Teacher Training - Spiritual Finance Initiative 2017
  • Mindfulness Educator - Mindfulness Schools - Berkley, CA 2017 - ongoing
  • Wellness Consultant and Coach / Institute of Integrative Nutrition 2015-2017
  • Inner Tracking, Nature-Based Meditation, and Coaching – Michael Trotta, Sage Fire Institute 2012
  • Deeksha Blessing Giver – Rajyo Markman / Oneness University - 2011
  • Facilitator / Celebration of Being – Celebration of Women and Nobleman Training 2010 - 2015
  • FIT1 Facilitator / Women Within International 20010-2014
  • Couples Institute –Tosi and Associates 2009 - 2010
  • Tracy Hawes Coaching - Lead Empowerment Coach / Architect of Programs and Workshops 2005-present
  • African Dagara Ritual Healing - Sobonfu Somé 2005-2008
  • Nationally Certified Muscular Therapist / The Muscular Therapy Institute in Boston, MA. 1996-present
  • Enneagram Studies – Enneagram Institute / Diamond Heart 1998 - ongoing
  • Jon Kabat-Zinn Mindfulness Education - 1995
  • Non-Violent Communication Skills Training - NVC Center Marshall Rosenberg - 1995-96
  • Program Coordinator - Very Special Arts Southeastern MA 1989-91
  • BS/BFA, dual degree in Expressive Therapies (Movement, Music, and Art) and Psychology / University of Massachusetts 1984-89
  • Inspired Living Institute - Master Instructor - present
  • Family Constellations - Dan Booth Cohen and a variety of other educators - ongoing
  • Community as Healer – L Mark, Ph.D.
  • Shadow Work - a variety of facilitators ongoing
  • 9 Pillars Coaching ™ signature program -