When the pot is broken and cracked – Instead of holding it together with mud and string – throw it to the ground and start with that.
~ African Proverb

Bless You Each – Bless You Both – Bless Your Relationship.
~ Rich and Char Tosi

Relationship Coaching

Tracy creates a sacred container in which she asks the questions that start the dialogue. “This sacred dialogue opens the heart so we can really see each other and ourselves. This is when the dance of true connection can begin. We each carry our own unique blueprint into the world. Our wounds and life stories distort that blueprint or original medicine. Tracy uses Inquiry, active listening, Dynamic Dialogue, Non-Violent Communication, and exercises in nature, which she structures uniquely for your particular coupledom. Then hearts can open, and the music of your combined gifts coalesces into a dance of support and partnership. Although we are separate and unique, in relationships we have a combined beauty in our shared gifts. Once we can see our individual gifts, we can offer them to our partners, as well as others in our life.

Relationship coaching is for couples, siblings, businesses, and individuals working on their own relationship to self.

What you will receive from relationship coaching and mentoring with Tracy:

  • Learn to turn conflict into harmony and growth.
  • Discover ways to penetrate the ancient barrier so you can fully receive your partner’s love.
  • Learn new ways of transforming old patterns.
  • Learn how your beliefs are often rooted in your childhood experiences and how they block the essence of who you are and the essence of your relationship.
  • Deepen the level of love, intimacy, acceptance, and trust in your relationship.
  • Learn how to bless and honor each other from the sovereign archetype of the King and Queen.
  • Create a couple missions and purposes together.
  • Learn about financial story threads

Possible Tools:

  • Nonviolent Communication / Mediation and Conflict Resolution
  • Knees to Knees
  • Visualization
  • Love Language Exploration
  • Forgiveness / Grief Process Rituals
  • Setting your relationships right
  • Communication as Sacred Art
  • Enneagram Typing
  • Ritual of recommitting
  • Spiritual Finance Workshop
  • Mindfulness