The trunk of it is in emotions. The branches and leaves are in the body. The flower of health blooms when all parts work together.
~ Kurdish saying

Vibrantly Aligned Life Coaching

Tracy’s philosophy on the wellness journey is, “We always know … deep in our being, we always know what we need.” Together, we tap into that intuition by looking at your Plate of Life from my Emerging into Wholeness program: Energy, Work, Love, Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Mastery, Financial Flow, Professional, Relationship, Health/Wellness, Play/Joy, Environment/Nature, Spirituality.

Together we will explore each area and first work with the ones that are out of alignment with your needs and values. Working from that misalignment to foster a healthier foundation within; mind, body, and soul. We can eat the cleanest diet and be the master of physical exercise, however, if our relationships are askew, or our financial health is in chaos, we will continue to hit blocks and walls in our Eudiamonic Balance - to express the best version of ourselves.

By reviewing each area of your life force, we will spend time uncovering, inquiring, and creating a new course that will steer you in a more fulfilling direction toward wholeness. This is a holistic approach to reclaiming and feeding our Soul Force or Inner Spark –

Tracy’s signature coaching program is based on the whole person. We don’t live in a one-size-fits-all world. Although we carry a major key from our ancestral lineage, life is possibly very different now. We each have unique situations and lifestyles. Through thoughtful curiosity and exploration, you will learn what allows you to flourish and thrive in your life and wellness.

What you will receive from wellness coaching and mentoring with Tracy:

  • Creating a clear vision plan for your success.
  • Develop a personalized wellness plan.
  • Set achievable goals.
  • Guide you with lifestyle decisions that will optimize your health.
  • Learn strategies to overcome obstacles and thrive.
  • Discover your values and priorities.
  • Action steps to get your relationships in alignment.
  • Develop deeper spiritual relationships through meditation and nature.
  • Learn the sacred art of nutrition and wellness.
  • Discover dietary styles, habits, and shifts to enhance your blueprint.
  • Thoroughly look at the 12 pillars of your personal “Plate of Life.”
  • Incorporate movement and flow into your daily life.
  • Co-created ceremony and ritual to honor your growth and success.

Possible Tools:

  • Fundamental Alignment - Mind/Body/Spirit
  • Cleansing our mindset narrative
  • Closing the Gap-Where you are to where you want to be
  • Allowing the shift - Anti-fragile living
  • Exploring options
  • Aligning to your values
  • Visualization Practices
  • Love Language Exploration
  • Forgiveness / Grief Process Rituals
  • Communication as Sacred Art
  • Enneagram Work
  • Ritual of recommitting
  • Carpe Diem Journal - Energy/Work/Love
  • Creativity/ Flow exploration
  • Spirituality, Meditation and Mindfulness Techniques*
  • Constellation/Parts Work
  • EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Spiritual Finance Workshop

Meditation tools:

  • Exploration of meditation styles and tools
  • Nature-Based Inner Tracking
  • 7 minute Heart/Mind/Body Sensing
  • Spirit-Centered Program
  • EFT The root of all health is the brain.
  • Welcoming Prayer Meditation
  • Mindfulness Guidance and Practice
  • Ho'oponopono
  • Breath exploration